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Jemma Crowe

Gestalt Psychotherapist & Supervisor

Life throws many things at us which can knock us off our feet; relationship issues, anxiety, depression and family issues to name but a few. Many of my clients have come to counselling feeling anxious, sad, frustrated, lonely, depressed, angry or just really stuck and in each case we have been able to work together to understand the feelings and live your life more fully. 

Maybe you are 'stuck' in old patterns and have unfinished business from the past. Are experiencing anxiety or low self esteem that are stopping you from living more fully? I work with you to help bring awareness of how you actually are and with this understanding help you to be more self-supportive and live life how you want to.  I will support you in growth, self acceptance and fuller self-expression through body-awareness and creative experimentation.  I also work with CBT and mindfulness techniques, and tailor my approach to whatever is best suited to the individual or couple.

I work empathically and creatively to work with the your unique and individual needs. I provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which you can explore issues which may be troubling you.  I will work with you towards greater self-understanding, self-acceptance and a more fulfilling way of dealing with the difficulties you are currently experiencing.

I work mainly with anxiety, depression, relationship issues and breakdown, anger, self-esteem issues, sexuality and sexual issues, gender issues,  family/relationships, addiction and addictive behaviours, loss and life transitions.

Gestalt counselling can help by assisting you to have more awareness of yourself and your situation, giving you more power and choice in your life.  The approach combines working relationally with present state - focusing strongly on self-awareness and the 'here and now' (what is happening from one moment to the next). In gestalt therapy, self-awareness is key to personal growth and developing full potential. The approach recognises that sometimes this self-awareness can become blocked by negative thought patterns and behaviour that can leave people feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. 

It is the aim of a gestalt therapist to promote a non-judgemental self-awareness that enables clients to develop a unique perspective on life. By helping an individual to become more aware of how they think, feel and act in the present moment, gestalt therapy provides insight into ways in which he or she can alleviate their current issues and distress in order to aspire to their maximum potential.

MBACP No. 094883


Individual therapy - £90 per session (50 min)

Couple / Relationship therapy - £130 per session (60 min)

Supervision - £80 (50 min)

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