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Amber Warner

Integrative Psychotherapist

My Style


My approach is both integrative and existential. I acknowledge the givens of what it means to be human and the inevitable difficulties and discomforts. I work with clients on how, despite these, we may carve out our own unique paths to deeper personal meaning, purpose, acceptance and peace. 


It is my belief that there is the ability within all of us to identify and to transcend our childhood and societal conditioning and patterns. These hold us back from more joy, ease, and inspiration. My aim is to support my clients in becoming more familiar with the wise, mature and grounded parts of themselves rather than being ruled by the reactive inner child. Identifying needs, boundaries, our hearts deepest desires, what we can change and must accept, are all part of this work. 


In this current technological world, in my opinion, there is a growing importance of soul work to support, enhance and expand our ways of Being in the world. I completed my dissertation on the importance of a relationship with nature as an integral part of this Being. I have practiced yoga, meditation and breath work for a number of years and I support the growing movement of psychotherapy working alongside psychedelics. 


Ultimately, I believe how we are relating to others, to our work, to our lives, begins with how we relate to ourselves. Few of us were taught how to be with painful or fearful feelings as children or how to hold ourselves in tenderness, grace and compassion in our darkest hours. This is the path to transformation and liberation. 


Integrative and person centred 

I use different methodologies that are appropriate and honour the moment and the individual. We are all carry our own unique pasts and current lives. 



We consider the givens of human existence such as the fear of death, meaninglessness, choice and freedom. 



Through the shared  therapeutic relationship we learn a lot about how we relate to others and to ourselves. With awareness of our patterns we gain the chance to change them. 


Inner child work 

I work with healing our inner child. Learning how to be with them when they are reactive and scared allows us to also feel their joy. 


My background


I have a background in the arts and the body. I ran a small collective of studios for 10 years which offered space and community for young, creative businesses as well as a yoga studio and ‘revolving’ space encouraging expression and creativity of art, music, food, sound healing, movement, dance, and breath. 


I have been on my own journey and I am, as we all are, a work in progress. Accompanying people back to their true selves and learning how to use this small and precious time here growing, thriving is what I love most about this work. 



Accreditations and qualifications

Registered Member of BACP (MBACP)

MA Psychotherapy and Counselling (Regents University)

BSc Neuromuscular Therapy and Remedial Bodywork 

(Westminster University)

Bodycontrol Pilates 





Individual therapy in person : £70 per session (50 mins)

Via zoom : £65

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