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Vincent Goyon

Integrative Counsellor

I am based in Borough or Shoreditch for in-person sessions and offer online counselling. My approach draws on psychodynamic, attachment-based, person-centred, existential and body psychotherapies to work with the “here and now” and consider how the past affects and influences the present. I integrate the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of our identity and bring them into the therapy process.

I work with individual adults to help explore problems, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship issues, co-dependency, grief/loss, compulsive sexual behaviour (including problematic viewing of pornography) and myriad other issues.

Frequently, these problems are deep-rooted, and we must look back before we can move forward. This can be a scary and painful process. However, a safe therapeutic environment can make it a profound and enlightening experience. Together, we can help you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others while developing the capacity to cope in a rapidly changing world.


Working Together

I have valuable experience in supporting individuals to free themselves from compulsive sexual behaviours and other relationship difficulties. In the past, I offered one-to-one support to individuals affected by or living with HIV at Positive East, a non-profit organization. I ran workshops at Body & Soul Charity, from 'Dating with HIV' to 'The Issue of Disclosure'. During my training, I joined the low-cost service at the Hudson Centre as a trainee associate.

I believe that both therapist and client create a relationship built on the freedom to follow and trust their own instincts, be themselves, and let the work unfold in its own unique way. I have faith in the idea that we have the power to gradually shift some of our more destructive habits of thought like fear, shame, regret, craving and towards self-compassion, confidence, and a loving engagement with ourselves and others.

My client group has been wide-ranging and includes people from diverse cultures, genders, sexualities, religions and faiths. I am an LGBTQIA+ friendly therapist working with and fully embracing diversity.

I am bilingual, and I practice in French and English.


Practice Description

I work with individuals aged 18 or over.

I offer short-term counselling (around 8 to 12 sessions) or longer-term work with regular review.

Before committing to longer-term counselling, I suggest we work together for approximately 12 sessions. This allows you to see if my way of working suits you or if you need a different approach.

Sessions will be weekly, at the same time on the same day.



My fee varies between £75 and £85 per session, depending on the time of day.

I offer an initial 20-minute telephone or online consultation free of charge.

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