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Dr Egle Vera Reeves

Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Supervisor

UKCP & BPS Registered Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Clinical Psychologist - Psychoanalysis (Argentina)


I offer one-to-one sessions in English and Spanish.

I also offer supervision for students and those looking for a space in which to reflect about their professional practice (counselling, psychotherapy, social work, nursing, advocacy, other).


My style

I work with adults of different ages, backgrounds and presenting issues in an exploratory, non-stigmatising and collaborative way. I do not follow predetermined ‘ways’ in response to specific ‘symptoms’ as I believe this aligns with and multiplies oppression and objectivation. I work with a focus on the unconscious, with an attention to the wider environment(s) in which life begins and continues to develop, and the unique ways in which each of us experiences life in them.

As a supervisor, I offer a space for you to reflect about your practice in a similar way.


My psychoanalytic and integrative practice is influenced by the teachings of Freud, Lacan, Winnicott, J Benjamin, and enriched mainly but not exclusively by the work of Guattari, Tosquelles, child development research, Argentinean critical clinicians like R & M Rodulfo and contemporary feminism. I have always been drawn to the potential of work that goes beyond the typical clinical settings, accompanying people through different transitions in life in creative ways.


Training & Experience

I trained and worked in Argentina and in the UK in various settings and roles. In Argentina, I gained full accreditation and registration as a Clinical Psychologist and specialised in Psychoanalysis. I also trained and worked in Psychoanalytic Parent-Infant work and Psychoanalysis with children and adolescents whilst being part of a multidisciplinary team working with ill and vulnerable children for a decade. Also, I was part of multidisciplinary teams in marginalised communities, working in institutions with groups, and in a transdisciplinary community-based HIV prevention program. I had a small private practice there for 3 years after accreditation and before moving abroad.


In the UK, I joined the Centre for Freudian Analysis & Research (Cfar) as an associate member and started a small private practice before retraining as a doctor in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy to regain accreditation and registration. Alongside this small private practice, I’ve worked within the voluntary and local authority sectors in multidisciplinary teams, supporting asylum seeking and homeless families, families with young children or expecting, and co-running with health visitors a psychoanalytic & attachment-based weekly group for new parents and their babies for many years.


For my final doctoral dissertation, I focused on the experiences lived by adults that had been abducted as babies during Argentina’s last dictatorship after their mothers were killed, and then illegally raised within families that kept their origin hidden until the truth came out decades later. I learnt not only about the huge difficulties in confronting this as adults once ‘found’, but also about the ways in which family members (grandmothers mainly) organised their search in reparative ways for themselves, for the stolen children, and for society -allowing a better terrain for the direct victims and society to reconstruct their stories and identities on the basis of historical truth, memory work and justice.


I am currently exploring the potency of creative writing practices for enhancing and enriching processes of growth for groups, and at a personal and professional levels.




£80 for one-to-one sessions or supervision.

Concessions can be offered for students, pensioners, low/unwaged when spaces for this are available.

I am at Therapy Space East only on Mondays after 3pm.

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