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Den Patrick


Life moves quickly and is full of distractions. Often there doesn’t seem to be time to absorb what has happened or how it has affected us. Other times we might have a sense that something is wrong without being able to articulate what it is.

Therapy provides a space to slow down and reflect, whether in a time of crisis, such as a relationship breakdown or job redundancy, or for personal development, where people seek to know themselves more deeply.

Little by little, Gestalt therapy seeks to give the client a greater awareness of themselves, their circumstances, and their ways of relating. Counselling can also provide support during difficult or trying times.

I believe counselling can benefit anyone who is genuinely curious about themselves and provides a place where personal growth can occur. I often describe counselling as ‘work’ to clients, and it can be some of the richest and most rewarding work a person can do.

Why not drop me an email for a consultation? We can then book an initial session and you can get a sense of how I work and if I am a good fit for you.

Counselling sessions are fifty minutes long and require a weekly commitment to attend. The session will be at the same time and place each week wherever possible. I initially suggest to new clients that we work together for twelve weeks, but this is not set in stone.


I am Gestalt therapist with a strong interest in mindfulness, and how the mind and the body work together. Gestalt is concerned with how patterns formed in the past are still alive in the present. You can red more about the Gestalt approach on my website, here:

Accreditation and Qualifications


I am a member of the British Association of Counselling Practitioners and have a Diploma in Gestalt Counselling.


Individual therapy: £60 per session (50min)

Concessions for students and low earners may be available.



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